• 7 Powerful Reasons

    Seven powerful – and empowering – reasons to choose OSIsoft

    Scalable, open architecture and seamless accessibility. Proven security and comprehensive customer support. These are just some of the reasons why the world's major industrial organizations rely on OSIsoft and the PI System™ to support their journey to operational intelligence.

    Listen to our customers' own stories about the real-world challenges they faced. And learn how the PI System quickly uncovered the most effective route to process improvements, operational efficiencies and, ultimately, total business transformation.

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  • Seven reasons why leading industrial companies put their trust in OSIsoft

    • 92% customer satisfaction
    • 65% of the leading industrial companies work with OSIsoft
    • 1,100 case studies available for review
    • 16,000 installation sites worldwide
    • Deployment in more than 127 countries
    • Self-service access to data, enabled by drag-and-drop user interfaces
    • Understandable, decision-ready data delivered through context and normalization
    • Integration with tools that users are familiar with. OSIsoft, Microsoft Office or third-party visualization and analytics
    • Data access anywhere with PCs, laptops or smart devices
    • More than 225 interfaces that connect to existing systems
    • User interfaces that enable rapid configuration of applications without coding
    • Extensive APIs and development tools to build or integrate applications
    • Integration of our system with those of our partners and other vendors
    • Online access to customer videos, training material and interfaces
    • More than 200 partners supporting integrations and services
    • Embedment with customers' partners such as Emerson, Rockwell and GE
    • 4.6 out of 5 customer satisfaction
    • 28% of OSIsoft staff are focused on support
    • 91% of calls resolved by the person who answers the phone
    • No call-center outsourcing
    • 100% of support staff have engineering degrees
    • Support available in nine languages
    • Systems that can handle petabytes of data over decades
    • 1.3 M events per second; 50,500 terabytes; 177 trillion unique events captured - based on customer systems in production today
    • Up to 20 million data streams supported per server
    • Global deployment in companies with more than 250 servers
    • One PI Server connected to more than 700 companies
    • Very high fidelity data support
    • Deployment in more than 90% of U.S. nuclear power facilities
    • Focus on data monitoring only, not system control
    • Flexible deployment architecture to protect critical data
    • 95% of our first 100 customers are with us since our founding in 1980